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How do I find my appropriate diagram?


You have different options to find your right business diagram. You can go through the diagrams according to the categories and subcategories. Further you have the option to go to the Library in which all diagrams are sorted by keywords. Further you can put in a search keyword or different keywords to directly search through all available diagrams.


Can I arrange the order of the slides?


Yes. When you have selected all your business diagrams you can arrange, change or delete the diagrams in the cart overview.


How often can I use a diagram?


There is no restriction in usage of the diagrams. After you have paid and downloaded your selection of diagrams you can use them as often as you want.


Can I get a test diagram before purchase?


drawpack.com offers hundreds of free business diagrams for download. After registration as free member you will get 20 credit points as a welcome presents to download payable products and you have direct access to all free diagrams.


How do I download the diagrams?


Search and find your desired diagrams through our search function, library or through browsing the single diagrams within the multiple categories.


Creat your own diagram selection while clicking on the cart button and adding diagrams to your personal cart shop. When going to the cart shop you can edit or remove single diagrams out of your selection.


You have three main payment options:


1.  You can pay directly your selection through paypal. The total price for your selection is showed in the cart.


2.  You can also use our credit points system and buy credits and benefit from reduced prices. You can chose between three different credit packages. The amount of   your downloaded diagrams will be deducted off your credit points automatically.


3.  Companies or professional users can benefit from our flat fee offer and buy a yearly subscription. With a yearly subscription the user have an unlimited access to all our single diagrams offered.


After payment you have access to the ordered products in your account on our website. Log in under “my account”. From there you can easily download all the diagrams to your device.


If you have any problems buying or downloading our diagrams please contact our support team under .



How does the credit point system work?


Credit points is a simple payment method to buy selected diagrams without going through the payment process all the time. One credit point is worth one Euro and the price of the diagram is indicated in credits. You can chose different credit packages related to your need and benefit from the reduced price per diagram.



What is a flatrate?


If you are a professional user or a company who need a lot of diagrams a year you can buy a yearly subscription and pay a flatrate. Through this subscription you have unlimited access to all our single diagrams for download. The access ends after 12 months without any automatical renewal.



What is the price of a diagram?


Single basic diagrams are between 1 and 3 USD and single business diagrams are between 3 and 5 USD depending on their complexity. A drawpack, which is a bundle of diagrams have an average price per diagram between 0.2 and 0.8 USD. A drawpack offer contains in average around 50 to 150 diagrams.


What happens to the remaining credit in my account?


As your credits don’t expire, they will remain in your customer account. You can redeem your credits any time as needed. It is not possible to transfer the credits but all employees of one business are authorized to access to the account. The scope depends on the inquired license. The remaining credits will not be disbursed.



For any other questions please contact .